CP ALL to open 7-Eleven stores in Cambodia

Soo-Eng Tan
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 08 May 2020

7-Eleven has signed a master franchise agreement with CP ALL (Cambodia) Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of CP ALL in Thailand, to develop its stores in Cambodia.

First 7-Eleven in 2021

CP ALL will build and operate the stores to modernise the retail environment and bring greater convenience to shoppers. The first 7-Eleven stores in Cambodia will be ready in 2021. It will have popular products, beverage and snacks from around the world and fresh food developed with regional recipes as part of the convenience offerings.

More about CP ALL

CP ALL was established to operate 7-Eleven stores in Thailand in 1988. It is now operating more than 11,000 stores in the country, second only to Japan in the world. CP ALL is a part of CP Group, which has won the bid to buy Tesco’s Asia business in a deal worth more than US$10bn. The deal is awaiting approval from the trade competition commissioners.