Spain: online, new store concepts

Date : 01 November 2016

As Consum and DIA China announce new, online initiatives, Covirán expands its new store concept and Mercadona extends its product range, we round up news from Spain.

Consum launches grocery ecommerce operations…

Adding to the growing number of grocery ecommerce operations in the country, Consum has launched its online store soon, which is initially only available in Valencia. Talking to local trade publication infoRETAIL, the retailer’s director of customer marketing, Manuel García Álvarez, said that it was the right time for the company to begin selling online and that it was ready to offer the same level of service online as it does through its stores. Álvarez said the online store offers the same range of 9,000 SKU’s as its bricks-and-mortar stores.

…While DIA strengthens online in China

Underlining the company’s growing skill and scale, DIA has said that it has signed an agreement in China with NetEase, which owns the online store DIA has said that the collaboration will help it offer shoppers a better service.

Covirán continues expansion of new store design

Covirán has said it has opened a ‘new concept’ store in Baza, in the province of Grenada, taking the number of stores with the new design to nearly 100.

Mercadona adds McDonald’s ketchup to its range

As part of a partnership with McDonald’s Mercadona has said that it will begin selling the former’s ketchup through its stores. The ketchup is not the same as that available in McDonald’s outlets in Spain, but is produced by Germany-based Develey, while the ketchup available locally is made by Helios.