Covirán and Caprabo highlighting local produce

Date : 15 March 2018

From 13 to 24 March 2018, Covirán will run the ‘De nuestra tierra’ (‘From our land’) campaign. It will give customers access to local products with a designation of origin.

Source: Covirán

Covirán focuses on local products

Covirán aims to support local economies in the long-term, whilst highlighting local products to its shoppers. In 2017, Covirán had sales of €32m of fruits and vegetables from more than 220 local producers and agricultural cooperatives. These agricultural cooperatives makeup an important part of the retailer’s sales.

Products from Galicia, Basque Country, Cantabria and Aragon, amongst others are featured. Products from these areas are already in its supermarkets and help to bring economic and social benefits to local economies, whilst preserving traditional produce.

Supporting local, small to medium sized producers is a strong theme among Spanish retailers.

Local logistics

Covirán’s 29 distribution centres in Iberia facilitate its geographic expansion and strengthening of local alliances. Having a local distribution network also reduces Covirán’s food miles, and therefore the ecological footprint of its products, adding value for its shoppers.

Caprabo’s ties to agricultural cooperatives

Catalan-based Caprabo has a partnership with the Catalonian Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (FCAC), which helps it to stock a range of cooperative products. In March 2018, the two companies co-organised their first cooking workshop, focused on using local products from Catalonian cooperatives. The workshop was held in Barcelona, in their Chef Caprabo facility. Jeroni Castells of Michelin starred restaurant Les Moles, was the chef. The workshop featured products available in Caprabo stores.

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Covirán reports positive results for 2017

Spain-based cooperative Covirán has released its results for 2017 and plans for 2018. Luis Osuna, president of the Covirán Group declared ambitious plans for 2018, with a goal to grow 15% compared to 2017.