Costcutter launches 'Shopper First' brand refresh

Date : 21 October 2016

Major symbol group Costcutter Supermarkets Group has announced a major brand transformation to engage shoppers and drive future retailer sales growth, under the title of its 'Shopper First Programme'.  The new brand package (including a new logo) has been developed out of a deep and wide-ranging research and review project, aiming to provide a clearer than ever understanding of how shoppers shop in, and what shoppers want from, their local stores; enabling Costcutter to build its offer with these needs at its core.

'Shop the way you live'

Using the new 'Shop the way you live' strapline to emphasise the relevance of the Costcutter brand, the refresh launches a new in-store design bringing a more modern and open feel to stores.  Integral to the store design are complete mission-focused merchandising sections, enabling retailers to deliver the priority shopper requirements in: Top-up, For Tonight, Treat and Food-to-Go.

Bringing 'big data' to independent retailers

To underpin its brand evolution Costcutter has analysed data across all the catchment of all 2,600 Costcutter retailers, enabling the business to produce a clear analysis of the Costcutter customer base.  From this Costcutter has identified five key shopper 'personas' for retailers to target for success.  Going forward all Costcutter retailers will be provided with a dashboard summarising the composition of their store's catchment, to help them understand which groups offer the most potential for up-weighted sales, and how to appeal to them.

Branding launch: November, pilot stores from December

The new brand look and feel will be launched across all Costcutter marketing from November and then in December the first of the six initial pilot stores will go live with more to follow in early 2017.  Costcutter aims for all stores to be operating with the new brand within the next two to three years.  To facilitate the roll-out of the refreshed in-store design, the individual mission-based modules can be implemented separately and sequentially, spreading out both the cost and disruption of the full refit.

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