Costco store visits


Costco is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Japan this year. We visit Costco’s flagship warehouse in Kawasaki to pick out some of the key highlights that underpin its continued success.
Wembley is Costco's 28th, and latest UK, warehouse, offering an excellent showcase of how the wholesaler targets a mixed customer base with a focus on value and quality on bulk goods.
Moorabbin is the eighth and latest Costco warehouse to open in Australia. It displays key elements of the retailer’s strategy, including how it is developing its local supply chain and tapping into shopper demand.
Costco in Kawasaki showcases how the retailer is using its international expertise and destination appeal to gain competitive advantage, whilst flex its offer to suit the demands of Japanese shoppers.
Costco’s store in Seville, Spain is its first in continental Europe. We review how the retailer is bringing its strength in fresh meat, food and produce, meal solutions and depth in non-food to enable it to differentiate itself from rivals in this competitive market.