Costco Mexico opens online

Date : 04 November 2013

Costco has launched its e-commerce site in Mexico, offering 3,800 products, the majority - 80% - of which are only available online.

Extend reach into new cities and gauge demand

Costco has 34 stores in 19 Mexican states and hopes the site will not only reach new locations. It also hopes to determine, via the levels of demand for online shopping, which areas it should be looking to move into with a physical store.

Goal is for online to account for 2-3% of sales

The e-commerce division is headed up by Íñigo Astier, who said Costco Mexico wants the channel to provide between two and three percent of country sales within five years. Costco's online sales continue to achieve double-digit growth, with fourth quarter sales up 15% when adjusted for the extra week in 2012. The retailer has benefited from the re-platforming initiative undertaken in 2012 and the launch of its e-commerce operations in the UK.