Denmark: food waste and pharmacies

Date : 24 October 2018

We highlight the latest developments from Denmark as Salling Group and Coop Danmark tackle food waste. Meanwhile, Coop Danmark has also announced plans to introduce in-store pharmacy services.

Bilka halves its total food waste

Salling Group’s hypermarket banner, Bilka, has committed to halving its food waste again by 2030. The banner previously agreed to halving its food waste in 2014. Since then, it has reduced food waste by 4.193 tonnes or 52%. A further reduction would exceed the UN’s global target and produce a real reduction of 75% compared with 2014.

Mark Nielson, Bilka’s director, commented, “This is an ambitious goal, but all Bilka department stores have made a huge effort to reduce overall food waste. We have taken some new workflows in use, which means that we have become much better at ordering the right amount of goods while taking advantage of goods where the packaging has been damaged, for example, but nothing fails”.

To help reduce waste, Bilka lowers the price of food with approaching expiry dates. The banner also donates all unsold food to charities and farms, as animal feed, or converts it into biogas. This is a "gas fuel derived from the decay of organic matter, as the mixture of methane and carbon dioxide produced by the bacterial decomposition of sewage, manure, garbage, or plant crops"

Kvickly also commits to reducing waste…

Meanwhile, Coop-owned Kvickly has partnered with start-up Too Good To Go to reduce its food waste. Shoppers can now buy bags of food from Kvickly via the Too Good To Go app. The bags contain surplus food that would usually have been thrown away at the end of the day. The bags also cost a third of their original price, from 29 to 39 kr.

This follows a trial Kvickly’s trial of Too Good To Go in September this year. Allan Kristoffersen, chain director of Kvickly, said, “It has been important for us to find new ways to minimise food waste. And our experience in the test has been so good that we are looking forward to it becoming nationwide”.

Too Good To Go is also in partnership with retailers and restaurants across Europe. For example, YO! Sushi in the UK, Bio Naturo in France and the Scandic hotel chain in Norway. The company’s vision is to reduce food waste worldwide.

Source: Too Good To Go

…and will launch in-store pharmacies

In other news, through its partnership with Apotekeren Amba, Coop will introduce instore pharmacies to several Kvickly stores. This partnership is the first of its kind in Denmark.

The pharmacies will be 80 to 100 sq m in size and operated independently. The first pharmacies are expected to open within the next six months. However, exact locations and times are yet to be confirmed.

Kristoffersen commented, “In Kvickly we are pleased with the agreement. It makes everyday life a little easier for our customers when they can manage their pharmacy purchases while buying groceries. And in this way, we utilise our area in a way that makes our department stores more attractive to trade in”.

Elsewhere in the Nordics, other grocery retailers have introduced similar instore health services. For instance, in Sweden, ICA is expanding its pharmacy division by investing in Min Doktor.

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