Spain: franchising, fresh and expansion

Date : 30 November 2015

As Consum continues to benefit from its franchise-supported growth, Lidl underlines the importance of its Deluxe range and Mercadona builds its presence in the Basque Country, we round up news from Spain.

Consum celebrates franchise success

Consum has spotlighted the growth its franchisees are adding to the overall business, with sales through franchised stores rising by 14.2% in 2015 to €186.5m. The retailer added 25 franchised stores in 2015, up from the 23 it added in 2014. Consum said that it expects franchised stores to maintain their growth in 2016 and was expecting to add 27 new stores and grow sales through them by 9%. Through the support of its franchised stores, Consum has said that it expects to generate sales of over €2.0 bn in 2015.

Lidl purchasing manager spotlights product development

Ahead of the Christmas trading period, Lidl’s purchasing manager, Jorge Morales Lozano, highlighted the growing importance of its Deluxe range, which has been expanded to 500 items, of which 100 are brand new. 60 of the products have been developed in conjunction with the chef Sergi Arola, with further innovations coming in the form of new products and prepared meal solutions.

Mercadona continues expansion in Basque region

Mercadona has opened its fourth store in the Basque Country following the opening of a second store in Bizkaia. The retailer only entered the region in late 2014 investing in its supply chain to aid its expansion in the region.

Caprabo trials fresh-focused store

Exclusively announced by trade publication infoRETAIL, Caprabo has opened its first Fresh store, a 600 sq. m supermarket targeted at fresh ranges. The trial store is focused on selling meat, fruit and vegetables, fish, bread and cheese as well as local ranges and prepared dishes targeted at busy shoppers wanting solutions for on-the-go. The Caprabo store follows the launch of similar concepts globally, which are placing a greater focus on fresh ranges and dedicating ever more space to the products.

Dinosol continues to make progress

Dinosol has underlined its continued recovery, forecasting revenue growth of 2% in 2015, which would see it generate sales in the region of €840m. Looking forward, the retailer’s chief executive, Javier Puga, said that the retailer would launch an ecommerce offer in the first half of the year, which would help support growth at its 218 supermarkets.

El Corte Inglés builds presence in China through shop-in-shop concept

In collaboration with U-Jue International, which specialises in food imports into China, El Corte Inglés has said that it will be building a presence through shop-in-shop concepts in shopping centres. As part of a programme to spotlight food ‘Made in Spain’, the retailer’s products are set to grow their presence into further channels, such as supermarkets and department stores, as 2016 progresses.

Condis set for new chief executive

Enric Ezquerra will step down from his role as chief executive of Condis, following a 25 year period with the retailer. Condis’s board said that Ezquerra has been instrumental in the retailer’s recent modernisation programme, which has helped underpin its growth and seen it become one of the largest retailers in Catalonia. Ezquerra will be replaced by Manel Romero.