Conad’s positive FY 2019 results

Date : 22 June 2020

Lucy Bellotti

Retail Analyst

Italy-based Conad has announced strong 2019 sales results, which has seen it achieve a turnover of €14.2 bn. Francesco Pugliese, Conad’s CEO highlights the position the cooperative is in with a challenging economic outlook ahead for the country. Separately, Conad has opened more Spazio Conad stores and plans to continue expanding the banner during 2020.  

Exceeding turnover expectations

Conad revealed an increase in turnover to €14.2 bn, a growth of 5.9% compared to 2018. It claims its positive results were a direct outcome of the teamwork demonstrated across its six main cooperatives. Furthermore, Conad has focused on its private label products and has developed its network through strategic investment.

The group closed 2019 with a total of 3,207 stores. Conad operates a range of store formats under different banners, including:

  • 31 Conad Hypermarkets
  • 241 Conad Superstores
  • 1,122 Conad
  • 401 Margherita Conad
  • 986 Conad City
  • 241 Todis (discounter)
  • 19 Sapori & Dintorni  
  • 166 others (Pharmacies, fuel, opticians, and pet stores)

Pugliese stated, ‘We are proud of the result achieved and we know that being a leader involves great responsibilities, especially at a time when the country is preparing to go through a new recession unimaginable until a few months ago’.

Conad expands its new store format

Conad plans to expand its new banner, which is called Spazio. The banner is a part of its strategy to relaunch former Auchan stores, which it acquired in 2019.

The first Spazio store was opened in Rome by PAC2000A, a Conad cooperative, in October 2019. Conad aims to open 69 Spazio stores, with a store size ranging from 6,000 sq. m to 8,000 sq. m during 2020. Conad Nord Ovest launched two Spazio stores in May 2020. The openings were in Palazzolo sull'Oglio, a city in the Province of Brescia and Rivoli, in the Metropolitan City of Turin.

How does Spazio Conad aim to offer more?

Spazio Conad offers customers a new shopping experience, while still providing convenience, functionality, and quality. Conad aims to provide shoppers with a breakfast and lunch bar, the services will only become available once the coronavirus pandemic is over and it is safe to operate them. 

Conad has highlighted its new format will be adaptable to each of its eight cooperatives, which allows stores to stock local products and meet individual demands in different areas.


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