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This in-depth guide to Belguim explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

In this insight presentation we look at the AgeCore buying group, its members and strategy.

We look at five key trends set to shape the Western Europe in 2020. Retailers are continuing to invest in private labels, health, wellness and lifestyle choices. At the same time, retailers are focusing on evolving existing strategies and creating innovative store formats. 

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Colruyt reported its first half results, with revenue rising by 5.7% to €4.99 bn. However, the retailer said its growth was below that for the market as shoppers’ changing buying habits saw ‘neighbourhood store concepts in particular experienced faster growth during the COVID-19 period, in part due to their greater number and therefore proximity’.

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Against a challenging economic backdrop, accelerating food inflation and an increasingly competitive market, retailers in Belgium are raising the visibility of their price-focused investments for shoppers. We look at recent initiatives from Carrefour and Colruyt in the country. Carrefour freezes prices on 20,000 products The retailer said it was reacting to the second lockdown in Belgium an...
We highlight recent developments from Belgium, where retailers are pivoting their food-to-go and online offers to meet shopper needs. 1. Delhaize discontinues Fresh Atelier food-to-go concept Delhaize has discontinued the Fresh Atelier food-to-go concept, which it originally launched in Brussels in 2018. At the time, the retailer saw the potential for 200 of these sites. Delhaize now pla...
Belgium-based Colruyt Group has reported its 2019 results with total revenue increasing by 1.6% to over €9.5 bn (US $10.6 bn). The group noted that on a comparable basis, revenue rose by 1.7% including petrol and 1.4% excluding petrol, while gross margin rose by 0.5% to 26.8%. Retail revenue: +1.5% to €7.97bn (US $8.85bn) In the Retail segment, Colruyt Group said revenue increased by 1.5% t...

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