Co-op relaunches its membership scheme

Date : 06 October 2020

Rachel Sibson

Retail Analyst

Co-op has revamped its membership scheme, including offering more personalised offers with the aim of providing more value to new and existing customers.

150% more savings for top spending customers

Co-op said that its top spending customers are now able to save almost 150% more with the new membership scheme. This amounts to a total of £187.98 a year, achieved through utilising the biggest discounts customers are offered, combined with their reward for own brand purchases (2p for every £1). Monthly savings for customers could be £15.66 a month, an increase of £9.66 on the previous membership scheme.

The scheme will include member only promotions and prices in-store, with exclusive in-store deals. These could result in £10 worth of savings per member per month. Members are also able to select up to two offers each week when using the new Co-op app from a list of personally tailored offers.

Co-op will also give a further 2p per pound to a good cause, which is double the amount given with the previous membership scheme.

Matt Atkinson, chief membership officer at Co-op, said:

“The Co-op was founded to share the value we create with our members and with their communities. Refreshing our membership offer will allow us to do both of these things in a much bigger way.”

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