Casino launches new concept: la Nouvelle Cave

Date : 13 December 2019

Trade publication LSA has reported on how Casino and its pure online subsidiary, Cdiscount, have collaborated to create la Nouvelle Cave, a specialist store for wine, beer and spirits. It sets out how the two parties have combined to bring together elements of store based and digital retailing in one place.

Offering something new for the specialist channel

The 125 sq. m store, which opened on 11 December, aims to create a new growth pillar for Casino. This concept follows Casino’s launch of le Drugstore Parisien and introduction of new Franprix designs that combine the latter’s offer with products from third party brands like Hema and le Drugstore Parisien.

The store stocks 400 SKUs, of which 20% are organic, with the split being 130 spirits, 70 beers and 200 wine products. Casino has said just over 40% of the range is priced at €10 or less.

Four key areas of differentiation

LSA identified five areas where la Novelle Cave stood out:

1. Shopper advice: signage helps shoppers find the products they want;

2. Technology to chill products: a chiller in-store cools a bottle in three to six minutes, depending on the temperature the shopper wants the wine to be chilled to;

3. Providing choice through endless aisle initiatives: through the Cdiscount web site the store offers a range of 7,000 more wines, which is available through a tablet in-store. Products ordered through the tablet can be delivered in 24 hours to a shoppers’ home or made available to collect in the store;

4. Extending its beer offer: shoppers can buy from a selection of four draught beers, which are available in-store and will be changed weekly. Shoppers can also buy one of the beers in a returnable bottle