Carrefour continues digitisation process

Date : 19 May 2020

Jon Wright

Head of Insight - RA EMEA

As part of its aim to create an omnichannel universe of reference, Carrefour, in its home market and globally, has taken separate steps to build out its digital offer.

Carrefour launches marketplace in France

Olivier Dauvers reported the retailer has launched a marketplace in France. The retailer has opened its France-based site to third-party sellers to enable them to sell products. Carrefour is set to operate a subscription and commission payment model, which will see it earn money for listing and on the sale of a product.

Whether Carrefour can gain strongly from the addition of the marketplace will be interesting to see. While its existing site attracts many shoppers, converting them to searching for other products and buying them will be a challenge. Global retailing has seen many retailers attempt to launch a marketplace without much success and so Carrefour will have to overcome this hurdle to make its marketplace a success.

Carrefour’s fintech company launches payment services

Separately, Carrefour announced its fintech company, Market Pay, had extended the range of services it provides across Group stores, websites and third parties. It said Market Pay already managed 1.3 bn transactions and operates 45,000 terminals and 5m cards, while, given coronavirus (COVID-19), it was also helping companies offer contactless payment solutions.

To support companies, following the coronavirus pandemic, Market Pay had increased the amount authorised to be spent on Carrefour’s Pass card, to €100 from €50. It said 30% of all payments with the Pass card are now contactless. Market Pay is now extending all its measures across Carrefour’s stores in France, Spain and Belgium.

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