Three things we liked at Carrefour Bio, Brussels

Date : 29 August 2019

We visited the first Carrefour Bio store of Belgium that opened in July 2019 in Brussels. Carrefour operates more than 20 Bio stores in France and plans to expand the concept to other European countries.

The Carrefour Bio concept focuses on food with a more limited offer of household and health and beauty products.

1. Encouraging sustainable shopping

The store has an area of 200sq m and includes several features to encourage sustainable shopping. The fruit and vegetables aisle is almost packaging free with the possibility to buy reusable net bags for loose products. More than 100 loose cereals, pasta, rice and nut products are available packaging free.

Source: IGD Research

The retailer partnered with the eco-friendly household brand Ecover to create a refill station in store. The store encourages shoppers to bring their own bottles for refill, incentivised by a 10% price discount.  

Source: IGD Research

2. Promoting local suppliers and supporting farms in organic conversion

The number of organic and local stores in Brussels is growing quickly and Carrefour Bio aligned its offer with these trends. The locally sourced products are clearly displayed thanks to specific signs. As one of its Act for Food commitments, Carrefour supports farms during the organic conversion process and promotes their products in-store.

Source: IGD Research

3. A mix of brands and private labels

In addition to Carrefour Bio private label, the assortment of 3,000 SKUs includes many brands. Brands are dominant in most categories, especially in health and beauty, household and ambient food.

While the main mission of branded products is to cover specific needs, the Carrefour Bio private label is promoted as the cheapest organic “brand” in Belgium. Offering affordable organic products to shoppers is another key commitment from the Act for Food strategy.

Source: IGD Research

Overall the store is well designed and is a real one-stop shop for organic products, thanks to its large offer. This is a great example of a store encouraging sustainable shopping while promoting local suppliers.