Booker store visits

Our store visit reports feature floor plans, store photos and full commentary written by our team of international retail experts. Dozens of reports are made every year of stores that feature new concepts in food and grocery retail.


We visited this recently refurbished local store to see how it meshes the discipline of a symbol group with the entrepreneurial flair of the independent retailer.
We visited the independent Thornton's Budgens in Belsize Park, London. This report highlights how the retailer is committed to servicing its community and driving change for a sustainable future.
We visited Booker's well-established depot in Swindon to see how the wholesaler platforms its product and service offer to meet B2B needs across a mixed urban and rural catchment.
We explore the formats that make-up the UK's largest symbol group network highlighting the focuses for future development.
This multi-award winning independent store shows how a progressive retailer can reinvent itself to match and exceed competitors across the local food retail environment.
One of the huge advantages of an independent retailer trading under a symbol group operator like Londis is being able to inject personality and make the store completely tailored for the local customer base. We took a look around Roli Ranger’s store in Sunninghill to see how he is delighting local customers.
What makes these operators stand out, how are they looking to grow and what can you learn from them?
Cash & carry is still an emerging format in India. Chandivali (one of four Booker depots in Mumbai, and six in India), provides an offer targeted to the specific needs of local kirana retailers, both in product category and format, aiming to provide an alternative channel of supply to traditional markets and brand distributors.
We visited Family Shopper, Booker’s discount focused symbol store to see how the wholesaler has created a fascia which blends elements of the convenience and discount channels
The Sheffield depot brings together the Booker and Makro offers together under one roof for the first time, creating a new template for a dual fascia format; offering more dedicated focus to the key customer groups and building on the joint strengths of the two brands.