Retailers in Poland introduce solutions to recover Sunday sales

Date : 20 November 2018

In March 2018, Sunday trading laws came into effect and reduced the trading period by 13 days. We had a look how various retailer reacted with several solutions to recoup the lost Sundays.

Friday and Saturday promotions heat up

Biedronka and Lidl both are attracting shoppers with discounts on Fridays and Saturdays to recoup lost trading on Sundays. Biedronka began with a ‘no VAT’ promotion on those two days in April. Lidl followed with its campaign ‘Tania Sobota w Lidl’ (Cheap Saturday in Lidl) to encourage shoppers to buy on Saturday. The competition in Saturday trading between the top two discounters further increased when Lidl reduced its prices by 40% by around 150 products in response to Biedronka’s price discount.


Extend opening hours in weekdays

In a small number of selected stores, Biedronka already opens for 24 hours a day Monday to Friday. The leading retailer in Poland aims to convert weekend shoppers to late night or early morning shoppers. It is likely that it will extend opening hours in other cities.

Partnership with Polish Post to remain open on Sunday

Zabka adds postal services in some of its stores, which allows it to operate on Sundays under the country’s postal law. Other convenience retailers are also partnering with the post office and allocating store space for these services.

Add delivery lockers to stores

Top retailers are installing lockers outside of their stores to give shoppers the option in the collection of online orders. Biedronka is installing 300 SwipBox e-shopping lockers in its stores, while Lidl will add Paczkomaty lockers between 2019 and 2020. Carrefour and Auchan are developing their 'Click&Collect' service using ‘Coolomat’ refrigerated lockers, which differentiate them from Biedronka and Lidl.


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