B&M quarterly update: driving growth in-store

Date : 24 September 2015

Following strong UK sales in Q1, up 22.8%, we look at how B&M is strengthening its in-store offer as it prepares for seasonal trade.

1. Improvements in price communication

B&M is improving its price communication in-store with large, clear point of sale on promotional ends and dump bins. In addition, the retailer is price-marking more products. These price communication initiatives illustrate how B&M is keen to convey value in a clearer way, which also lends itself to making the shopping experience simpler for customers.


2. Experimenting in fresh

B&M has extended its fresh offer beyond dairy and meat for the first time by stocking fruit. B&M's chilled offer has remained small since it was introduced in-store, with mostly top-up and lunchbox items, however this could soon evolve as the discounter experiments with selling grapes. Competitively priced at £1.19, this small but significant move could signal the start of B&M meeting more convenience missions while encroaching further on grocery retailers.


3. Adding appeal in gifting

The latest new range to be introduced in B&M stores is greeting cards, starting at 29p. Gifting and party are two areas where B&M is growing as shoppers use variety discounters as a destination for such items. Therefore the addition of greetings cards is a smart move by B&M to increase basket spend, and show that it understands its customers different shopping missions. Existing ranges that B&M continues to expand, both in product and space, include on-trend Frozen and Peppa Pig: two popular children's brands that we expect B&M to trade highly on over Christmas.

4. Strong competitor in seasonal

With three months to go until Christmas, B&M plans to take advantage of early seasonal sales by stocking its aisles with festive gifting, chocolates and decorations. B&M has a strong health and beauty gifting range that features brands such as Nivea, Dove and Simple, however health and beauty retailers Boots and Superdrug have recently introduced loyalty initiatives to compete harder with the variety discounters that continue to attract customers with their value price-points.


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