Four transformative sustainability initiatives in Q4 2020

Date : 04 January 2021

Lucy Bellotti

Retail Analyst

Portugal-based Continente plans to remove microplastics from its MYLabel range. Mercadona continues to tackle its sustainability goals, this time focusing on reducing emissions. Meanwhile, Garnier launched plastic free shampoo bars and Auchan Portugal partnered with MyCloma to reduce textile waste.  

Continente set to eliminate microplastic

Continente its set to eliminate microplastics from its private label beauty range, covering over 300 cosmetic products. The Portuguese government approved a ban on microplastics and microspheres in cosmetic products and detergents as part of the 2021 state budget.

Microplastics affect the environment, including marine animals, which is encouraging retailers and suppliers to remove them from cosmetics to reduce their environmental impact.

Mercadona continues to reduce emissions

Spain-based Mercadona plans to reduce its carbon emissions by 30% before 2030 and plans to implement this by joining the European Lean & Green initiative. The initiative supports companies in all sectors to achieve the goals set at the Paris Climate Summit, which aim to reach zero emissions by 2050.

Lean & Green was founded in the Netherlands and has expanded to 13 other European countries with over 600 members. The initiative rewards companies with a certificate (a Lean and Green Star), once a company has reached its objectives and it has been verified. 

Mercadona has its own environmental management system, which improves its logistics optimisation, reducing/removing plastic, energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable production. Furthermore, the retailer aims to achieve a triple goal in 2025, which intends to reduce plastic by 25%, recycle all waste produced and only use recyclable packaging.  

L’Oréal launches environmentally friendly shampoo bars

L’Oréal has launched shampoo bars, which are plastic free. The product’s packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard (FSC certified), 97% biodegradable and contains 94% plant-based ingredients. Moreover, the retailer claims its environmentally friendly shampoo bars use 80% less packaging compared to a standard shampoo bottle.

L’Oréal aims to set new sustainability commitments for 2030 and the shampoo bars help towards achieving these goals. Garnier announced the bars are priced at GBP7.99 (US$10.92), last for two months, while it claims under a full lifecycle analysis, its environmental impacts is reduced by 25% compared to standard liquid shampoos.

Auchan partners with MyCloma

Auchan Portugal has partnered with MyCloma, an online platform that sells second-hand clothes, to help reduce textile waste. MyCloma has opened a physical point of sale in Auchan de Matosinhos, which will sell second-hand clothing at affordable prices, which helps to create a circular economy.

Auchan Portugal has been supporting sustainable projects and products that create a circular economy and reduce overall waste. During 2020 the group has supported ‘Too Good To Go’ a food waste project and joined the United Against Waste movement.  


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