Spain: channel and investment plans

Date : 17 October 2019

Auchan Retail Espana continues to convert its Simply stores to Alcampo, as it also rolls out a virtual assistant to help shoppers choose wine. Separately, Eroski has partnered with Sonae MC to collaborate on a textile line and Alibaba has launched its business offer in the Spanish market. 

Auchan’s store conversion plans…

Auchan has started to convert its Simply stores to Alcampo. The group has relaunched 10 new stores since January 2019. The rebranding has currently seen the transformation of 22 stores, with the programme scheduled to end in 2020. Under the Alcampo banner, the conversion depends on the store size whether it transforms to; My Alcampo, Supermarket Alcampo and Alcampo (hypermarkets).  

…Auchan’s relaunches store in Haro…  

Auchan invested €150,000 in the renovation of the Haro store, with the brand changed to Alcampo from Simply. Alcampo Haro’s conversion has allowed more local products to be added, while, the restructuring and distribution has provided an innovative space for fresh produce.

…As it launches a digital assistant to advise shoppers on wine purchases

Auchan has also added an AI driven virtual assistant to help shoppers choose the wine for them. The assistant asks questions around shoppers’ tastes, budget and preferences to help it select the right wine for them. The functionality has been added to the retailer’s web site and is available in-store, which is accessed by shoppers scanning a QR code. The wine assistant comes after Auchan launched a similar solution to help shoppers choose the right toy for their children.

Eroski partners with Sonae

Eroski has announced a partnership with Portuguese retailer Sonae MC, which will see it launch a new textile and footwear brand. The collaboration will lead to the introduction of the MO brand in Spain. Eroski has invested €2m to restructure the stores for the MO brand, which will be added in 35 Eroski hypermarkets.

The design and manufacturer of the MO brand will be driven by Sonae MC.  Eroski’s mission is to offer products to shoppers at an affordable price. Meanwhile, the group has trained over 100 staff members to support them offering a personalised service so they can better sell the MO brand.

Alibaba to support Spanish companies

Alibaba has launched AliExpress Business in Spain. The solution offers tools to companies to help them improve their digitalisation and expansion plans. The project supports Spanish companies to develop in China and other international markets.

Alibaba aims to increase the local economy by allowing companies to enhance their services. The group will offer training programmes and information exchange through the ICEX-CECO business school.


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