Auchan rebranding stores in Portugal

Date : 06 September 2019

The Auchan Group announced it has initiated its rebranding programme, set April 2018. In H1 2019 results, it was highlighted Auchan Portugal has strong sales growth.


Auchan Retail operates under three banners, in Portugal. The retailer has started the rebranding of Jumbo and Pão de Açúcar stores, to concentrate on the Auchan brand.

The Auchan Group’s €90m investment plan for 2018-2019, focuses on three areas. The retailer plans to open a new store, in addition to the rebranding and modernisation of current stores. €5m has been dedicated to adapting the spaces for the brand change.

The rebranding focuses on the Auchan brand. Pedro Cid, the CEO of Auchan Retail Portugal stated the Auchan brand is international and reflects how the retailer wants to shape its future.  

Sales growth

Auchan Retail announced profits of €768m and highlighted profits were due to a strong growth in Portugal. Auchan Retail has 36 hypermarkets and supermarkets, 27 My Auchan stores and 27 gas stations in Portugal.

Future developments

Later this year, Auchan will launch a new hypermarket in Lisbon, announced by Ricardo Fonseca, Auchan Retail Portugal’s CFO.

The Auchan Group plans a 2022 transformation. All stores will focus on exclusive, local products, with nutritional, traceable and transparent characteristics. The private label range will be scored based on a nutrition schemeThe retailer also plans to increase the proportion and local products sold in each store.


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