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Auchan Retail Espana continues to convert its Simply stores to Alcampo, as it also rolls out a virtual assistant to help shoppers choose wine. Separately, Eroski has partnered with Sonae MC to collaborate on a textile line and Alibaba has launched its business offer in the Spanish market. 

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With Casino-owned Franprix opening a further evolution of its Darwin store design and Carrefour reported to be preparing to launch a new beauty-focused store to its roster of brands, we look at two developments from the country. Carrefour to launch Sources… Trade publication LSA has reported that Carrefour will open a beauty-focused store under the Sources brand name during the first week o...
Following its exit from Italy, Auchan is continuing to invest elsewhere in Europe to grow its store base. Recent announcements have seen country operations in Poland and Portugal discuss growth opportunities. Auchan targeting expansion in Lisbon… Speaking at the reopening of a store in the city, Auchan Retail Portugal’s general director, Pedro Cid, discussed how the retailer wanted to opera...
The Auchan Group announced it has initiated its rebranding programme, set April 2018. In H1 2019 results, it was highlighted Auchan Portugal has strong sales growth. Rebranding Auchan Retail operates under three banners, in Portugal. The retailer has started the rebranding of Jumbo and Pão de Açúcar stores, to concentrate on the Auchan brand. The Auchan Group’s €90m investment plan for 2...


We reveal Asia's top 12 online grocery retailers, their growth forecasts over the next five years and the strategies that will help them win…
We visited six stores in Poland and Romania to observe how the retailer's 'Vision 2025' strategy is manifesting on the shop floor.
An essential summary of trading priorities, latest developments, and other key commercial insights for Auchan.
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We review the outlook for Auchan in all its operations around the world. We look at how it is embedding its Vision 2025 strategy and looks to improve the efficiency of its operations at national and global levels. We also look at the retailer's evolving strategy for international markets and its five year growth prospects.

This in-depth guide to France explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

An essential summary of trading priorities, latest developments, and other key commercial insights for Auchan.

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