A.S. Watson announces its social purpose and sustainability plan

Date : 16 March 2021

Francis Ramos

Senior Retail Analyst

A.S. Watson Group, the world’s biggest international health and beauty retailer, has recently announced its refreshed social purpose and 2030 vision for sustainability.

Commitment to ‘put a smile on our customers’ faces’

Since the A.S. Watson Group is operating on a massive scale globally, it is determined to take stronger responsibility towards the customers they serve, as well as the environment.  Group COO of A.S. Watson Group and CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia and Europe), Malina Ngai, commented, “Our social purpose to put a smile on our customers’ faces is a core value to our business and deeply rooted in our heritage, from giving free medicines to the needy in the early days, to protecting people’s health against COVID-19 by producing medical masks and supporting vaccination programs. We serve over 5.9 billion customers every year around the world and we are thankful to have a powerful community to do good together, to help build a better and more sustainable world.” 

Source: A.S. Watson

2030 sustainability vision of the A.S. Watson Group

To be a more sustainable business by 2030, the Group aims for the following:

  • Achieving electricity reduction by 30% in 2030
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% in 2030
  • Eliminating unnecessary packaging by 2030, and 20% recycled plastic content in its packaging by 2025
  • Providing free surgeries to 10,000 children with cleft lips and palates by 2030, through its Give a Smile Campaign

Source: A.S. Watson

Each of the Group’s retail brands has a social purpose

Given the various sustainability needs of the community, it has also announced the social purpose of each of its 13 retail and manufacturing brands:

  • To launch its purpose ‘Look Good, Do Good, Feel Great,’ Watsons will be hosting a region-wide Earth Day programme in April, and set up green classrooms to make more people aware about climate change
  • PARKnSHOP, Hong Kong’s leading grocery retailer chain with 345 stores across the country, will be introducing more sustainable and healthier choices, and triple its plant-based meat and vegan dairy products.  This supports its purpose to inspire customers to ‘Live Better, Eat Better’
  • FORTRESS, a leading retailer of electronics and appliances in Hong Kong, will host a hackathon for university students to co-create plans to help customers live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  ‘Living Better Together’ is FORTRESS’ social purpose
  • Watson’s Wine will be promoting an upcycling programme for wine bottles, in support of its ‘Loves to Share’ purpose
  • In addition to being the first beverage manufacturer in Hong Kong to use 100% recycled PET bottles, Watsons Water is taking its commitment further by launching aluminum refillable bottles in line with its ‘Because we Care’ social purpose
  • Kruidvat will advocate ‘Doing Good Feels Surprisingly Good’ by making more sustainable products available to customers
  • Trekpleister will be promoting ‘Better Together’ with its people, customers and community
  • Superdrug is advocating reduction of packaging consumption and donating for a great cause as it believes in ‘Doing Good Feels Super’
  • Saver’s social purpose is ‘For You, and Your Home’ by focusing not only on taking care of customers but also creating a better home and planet for them to live in
  • Drogas will be working on a recycling programme with its customers, to help them ‘Do Good, Feel Great’
  • Rossmann will be offering its customers with sustainable products as it is dedicated to ‘Creating Sustainability Together’
  • ICI PARIS XL’s social purpose is ‘Here’s to the Beauty of Happiness,’ inspiring its customers to be the best version of themselves
  • With ‘Feel Good When You Smell Good’ as its purpose, The Perfume Shop is also relaunching and expanding its bottle recycling scheme

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