Spain: innovation and expansion

Date : 09 December 2019

Alibaba-owned AliExpress has launched its second physical store in Barcelona. Eroski has partnered with Agroganadera de Álava Union to promote local agricultural products. Meanwhile, Consum launches a new supermarket model, which focuses on forming a sustainable environment. Separately, HD Covalco announces a positive turnover and a new cash and carry store opening.

AliExpress opens second physical store

AliExpress has launched its second store in the town of Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona. The store opened on 29 November as part of a Black Friday event. AliExpress is present in Brazil, France, Poland, Russia, Spain and the United States.

The group is committed to Spain as one of its main influences of global brand development. AliExpress is launching physical stores and building alliances with El Corte Inglés, to develop its reputation amongst Spanish shoppers.

Eroski promotes Alava agricultural products

Eroski has signed an agreement to develop and promote Alava agricultural products. Eroski’s partnership with Agroganadera de Álava Union will see it promote and develop Alava agricultural products.

The Agroganadera de Álava Union suggests the partnership will allow the groups to further protect the interests of farmers in the Alava territory. Asun Bastida, Eroski’s commercial director for local products stated the collaboration ‘is a part of the cooperatives commitment to commercialise products produced in local environments.’ 

Consum innovates with a new supermarket model

Consum has launched a new supermarket model, which focuses on improving its shoppers’ experience, in a relaxed and sustainable environment. The group invested €4m in the new 1,380 sq. m store model, in Castellón de la Plana.

The group’s new store model uses 40% less energy than a traditional supermarket, by implementing LED lighting, energy efficient refrigerators and incorporating automation controls. Consum has applied 320 solar panels on the store’s roof. Separately, the group offers shoppers electric car charging points.

HD Covalco increases its turnover by 2.1%

HD Covalco has announced a turnover of €575m in 2019 an increase of 2.1% compared to the previous year. The group continues to launch new points of sale and develop its franchised stores. It plans to open 90 stores by the end of 2019. Covalco has launched a new cash and carry store in Aranjuez. The store is 2,500 sq. m and focuses on; fresh and refrigerated products aimed at hospitality professionals.


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