Joint digital loyalty programme: Lazada, Uber and Netflix

Date : 24 April 2017

Southeast Asia’s biggest online marketplace Lazada, owned by Alibaba, has launched a new digital loyalty programme with RedMart, Uber and Netflix in Singapore.

The loyalty programme

The membership program, LiveUp, gives members access to rewards and discounts on online shopping on Lazada and its grocery arm RedMart, food delivery and Uber rides, as well as a free 6-month Netflix subscription. The benefits include:

  • Five per cent rebate on every order from Singapore's leading online grocer RedMart

  • 10 per cent rebate storewide at Lazada and always free, faster shipping including from its recently launched Taobao Collection

  • Uber VIP access (including free rides up to SG$10, early access to stunts, events and promotions, as well as enjoying top-rated drivers in the newest vehicles)

  • Free delivery rebates with UberEats

  • Gift subscription of six months of Netflix

To encourage consumers to experience the value of the program, LiveUp is offering a 60-day free trial, subsequently, the programme is offered at SGD28.80 (US$20), a 50 per cent savings off its regular fee. The service is available now in Singapore, but there are plans to expand to other countries in Southeast Asia

The benefits

The new alliance is widely seen as Lazada’s answer to Amazon Prime, in anticipation of Amazon’s delayed entry into the country, as Lazada attracts customers from Uber and Netflix. On the other hand, LiveUp has the potential to increase the customer lifetime values of all its partners. Once people pay for the membership, they are likely to use the services and stay loyal. The alliance gives the partners a competitive advantage against the competitors in their own areas.

Singapore consumers are ahead in embracing online activities like shopping, ridesharing, food delivery and entertainment services as a way of life and LiveUp celebrates that. Lazada is thrilled to have like-minded partners RedMart, Netflix, Uber and UberEats onboard to bring together a spectrum of lifestyle benefits for savvy Singapore shoppers to enjoy,” said Alexis Lanternier, CEO, Lazada Singapore.

Shirley Zhu, Programme Director, IGD Singapore

Based in Singapore, Shirley heads up all of IGD's research on Southeast Asia. Contact Shirley at [email protected] for further insight on the region.