Alibaba opens first AliExpress store in Europe

Date : 29 August 2019

Alibaba has opened its first bricks-and-mortar AliExpress store in Europe.

AliExpress opens in Madrid

Alibaba has opened a 740 sq m store in one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, Madrid Xanadu, Spain, under the AliExpress Plaza banner. It carries around 1,000 products from over 60 brands. The product range mainly covers electronics, but includes Chinese, multinational and local brands.

While the store adopts the principles of Alibaba’s New Retail vision, it operates more like a showroom, because products still need to be ordered via the AliExpress online portal. The store will allow shoppers to browse and try out products in-store, plus encourage businesses to enter its online platform.

Gateway to Europe

AliExpress has been establishing a stronger European presence since early 2018, when it launched its affiliate program for European sellers. After the United States and Russia, Spain is the largest market for AliExpress.

Alibaba will look to use Spain to allow brands seeking growth outside their own markets as a gateway to the rest of Europe. The latest move follows Alibaba’s strategic alliance with Spain’s El Corte Ingles last year.