Alibaba launches 2019 11.11

Date : 22 October 2019

Alibaba has launched its 2019 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. This year, it will focus on new consumption and new business, but also more about making 11.11 Green.

More than 200,000 brands will participate

There will be 1m new products available in what is the 11th 11.11. Brands from 78 overseas markets will participate, and more than 500m consumers are expected to shop on 11.11. To drive further engagement, Alibaba plans to distribute more than 2bn “red packets,” or digital cash vouchers. It will host over 2,000 key opinion leaders on its platforms via livestreaming to showcase products.

Future growth will come from lower-tier areas

The rising consumption power in China’s lower-tier areas is driving growth for Alibaba, which is also unlocking opportunities for brands. As of June 2019, Alibaba reports that 226m new mobile monthly active users have joined Taobao over the past two years. In fiscal 2019, 70% of them were from lower-tier areas.

Upgrading shopper engagement

B2C platform, Tmall, continues to offer merchants new ways to reach out to customers. In July, Alibaba launched the Tmall Flagship Store 2.0, offering new channels and tools for brands to market their products to shoppers. The flagship enhancement is just one way that brands can increasingly connect to various parts of the Alibaba ecosystem, allowing them to expand their business and reach a wider customer base.

Making 11.11 Green

Jiang Fan, Tmall and Taobao’s President, said, “In the past 10 years, we’ve continued to set new GMV records and with that our responsibility has grown […] this year, it will not only be about our GMV volumes but also about sustainable development.”

Alibaba will setup 40,000 recycling stations across China through its Cainiao Smart Logistics Network. Its express-courier partners will also host an additional 35,000. Consumers that recycle will be rewarded with “green energy” points on Ant Forest. Furthermore, Alibaba will also establish 20th November as “National Cardboard Box Recycling Day” in China, converting those 75,000 locations into permanent recycling stations.

Alibaba affiliates will also take part

Like previous years, Alibaba will also host a “See Now, Buy Now” runway show and Countdown Gala Celebration in the run-up to the 2019 11.11. The two-hour, livestreamed show, Tmall Collection, will take place in Shanghai.

Ecommerce platforms, Lazada and Daraz will take part in 11.11 for the second time, comprising 11 markets between the two. Also, India will celebrate through the UC Shopping Festival, in association with Paytm, VMate and 9Apps. While global B2C marketplace AliExpress will also participate.