Aldi new discount offer strategy for brands

Date : 01 February 2019

Aldi Nord and South’s strategy continues to evolve as they announced, for the first time, discount offers on permanently listed brands.

Expand offers to the permanent range

In Germany, Aldi Nord and Sud will be offering reduced prices on branded products from their permanent ranges. Aldi used to limit these offers to temporary listed products or brands, as seen last year.  The first offer starts next week with Kerrygold butter and 20% off on a 1.25L bottle of Coca Cola. The promotion will be an ongoing activity with new brands from the permanent range spotlighted every week.

Source: Aldi Nord

Closer relationship

This is the latest example of the two retailers working closer together. Earlier this year, they announced their common engagement and campaign to promote healthier nutrition. In 2018, some private labels were harmonised between the two companies. This standardisation is expected to continue and could lead to potential change in terms of supply chain.

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