Ahold Delhaize announces Healthy and Sustainable initiatives

Harriet Cohen
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 28 February 2020

Ahold Delhaize announces long-term targets for its Healthy and Sustainable initiatives. As the final year of its 2020 sustainability goals approaches, the retailer has added new objectives for the next few years.

New ambitions…

Priorities include inspiring consumers to make healthy and informed choices, increase the transparency of products, and eliminate food and packaging waste.

Ahold Delhaize president and CEO, Frans Muller, said: “Food-related diseases and the impact of climate change are affecting billions of people, including those in our communities and our business. As an international food retailer, we are in a great position to help tackle these global issues together, with our customers and with our partners in the industry and across the supply chain, to create a healthier and more resilient food system.”

…for healthier choices…

By 2022 Ahold Delhaize aims to increase the sales of private label healthy products by 51%. Items will be reformulated to reduce their sugar, salt, and fat contents, which will make it easier for consumers to meet their own personal health needs. By 2025, science-based nutritional navigation systems including Nutri-score and Guiding Stars will be added to further aid shoppers in their pursuit for healthy eating.

…product transparency…

Secondly, the retailer will offer more clarity on its private label products. This will include product sourcing, production methods, and manufacturing conditions. As the supply chains for its own brand of seafood is completely transparent, the retailer hopes to add visibility and sustainability to its fresh fruit, vegetable, and meat supply chains in the medium term.

…and eliminating waste

Finally, the third initiative is to reduce food waste from operations in half by 2030. This reduction of waste will be balanced with the goal to increase sales of fresh and healthy products. To achieve this goal, private labels will use effective replenishment systems, introduce innovative methods such as pricing based on their sell by date, and repurpose safe, unsold food. By 2025, packaging will be fully recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

Long-term targets

As of February 2021, the retailer hopes to reduce its impact on climate change and increase the standards in sustainability of products, while maintaining the highest food safety and quality.

Healthier people and a healthier planet

As part of our global retail trends 2020, we reported trends we expect will develop and shape retail markets over the next couple of years. Things we expect to see include helping consumers eat and live healthier, reward shoppers being healthy, as well as adding new ranges to private label brands. With the new ambitions, Ahold Delhaize shows commitment to following these trends.