Netherlands: five innovations from the market

Harriet Cohen
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 10 November 2020

As market Albert Heijn launches the Bonus Box and extends its grab & go module, while Jumbo supports those in need and Picnic introduces a new payment option in the country, we look at five innovations from the Netherlands.

Albert Heijn launches Bonus Box for app users…

Bonus Box provides shoppers using Albert Heijn’s app with 10 extra offers weekly. Shoppers get to select five of the 10 offers, which means they can benefit from personal benefits weekly, which are in addition to its standard range of Bonus offers. Shoppers must have the most up-to-date version of the app and have their own Bonus card. A shopper’s options are based on their purchasing history and include new products Albert Heijn wants to promote to them. The additional offers are available both in-store and online.

…And rolls out grab & go range in Amsterdam

Albert Heijn has launched a grab & go range at 15 stores in Amsterdam, according to reports by local trade publication Distrifood. The range and module will be added to a further 20 stores by the end of 2020 to meet shoppers’ on-the-go needs. The grab & go module combines fresh sandwiches, drinks, coffee, and healthy snacks in one area of the store to enable shoppers to purchase fresh, healthy, products quickly, and easily.

Jumbo store owners to support those in need…

Jumbo store owners have added Open Fridges in four of their stores to support shoppers who are in poverty. The retailer has asked shoppers to purchase a fresh product or meal and then donate it by placing it in the fridge for someone who needs it to take. Jumbo, which is working with Whirlpool, has said it wants to spotlight the growing issue of poverty in the country. The store owners keep the fridge stocked too, in addition to shoppers’ donations, to support those who live near their stores and are in need at the present time.

…As it gives ‘orange peels a second life’

In collaboration with waste-to-product company Renewi, Jumbo is using the orange peels it generates through its fresh orange juice machines to create new products. The retailer has said the orange peels are processed by PeelPioneers and are being converted into a range of products. The retailer recently launched a range of private label cleaning products that use the orange peels, while candied orange peel, which are then used in its bakery products, have been launched in the past. Initially launched through 300 Jumbo stores, the collection of orange peels is now being extended to 600 across the country.

Picnic to enable faster checkout with Rabobank, Mastercard and Adyen

With grocery ecommerce enjoying fast paced growth because of the COVID-19 pandemic and shoppers looking for contactless payment options, Picnic has added a new solution in the Netherlands. The payment method, which is known as Picnic Pay, will be trialled by some of its shoppers initially, before being rolled out nationwide later. It see shoppers being able to add their Maestro debit cards as a payment option within Picnic’s system, which will enable them to check out faster.

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