Ahold Delhaize Europe: new concept and sustainable initiatives

Date : 22 March 2021

Jon Wright

Head of Insight - RA EMEA

As Albert Heijn and Selecta open their first unstaffed concept in offices in the Netherlands and announce plans to extend the service into Belgium, both Albert Heijn and Delhaize set out sustainable initiatives.

Albert Heijn and Selecta to take unstaffed store to Belgium

After the two companies announced plans for opening unstaffed stores in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn and Selecta have said they will be taking the concept to Belgium. The two companies are targeting opening 25 stores in offices in Belgium as they look to hit their target of operating 100 by the end of 2021. The announcement about the concept’s expansion into Belgium came as the first 20 locations opened in the Netherlands.

Albert Heijn and Selecta said the AH to go modules can be tailored to the needs of individual companies. The companies can flex the modules’ offers to meet the needs of specific companies, while ranges will be made available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Albert Heijn and Selecta have started to role the concept out in offices but feel there is an opportunity to roll them out to hotels, hospitals, and educational institutions in future.

Albert Heijn raises visibility for B Corps brands

Albert Heijn has established a separate page for B Corps brands, raising their visibility for shoppers. The step is part of a wider set of online initiatives to enable shoppers to find brands that adhere to the B Corporation quality market more easily. The retailer said at its launch the page will help shoppers find 500 SKUs from 26 brands more easily.

Source: Albert Heijn

Subscribers wanting to find out about further initiatives can visit the sustainability page for all our insight on the topic.

Delhaize promoted giving blood at Valentine’s Day…

As a partner of Red Cross Belgium, Delhaize used Valentine’s Day to organise ‘Donor dates’ to encourage shoppers to participate and donate blood. Over a four-week period the retailer aimed to promote the event and encourage 40,000 people to donate blood.

Source: Delhaize

Delhaize launches “from waste to taste” soups…

To limit food waste, Delhaize has added five soups to its range, which are made from product that would otherwise have been thrown away. The retailer said the ‘soups are 100% fresh and made from Belgian vegetables’. Delhaize said the soups will enable it to save 90 tons of vegetables from ending up being thrown away.

Source: Delhaize

…And trials Ecover refill stations in its stores

Delhaize has been trialling Ecover refill stations in two stores, following a successful trial at one of its supermarkets. The solution will enable shoppers to refill any of their Ecover products, detergent, dishwashing liquid, or fabric softener, in their original Ecover bottle. The retailer said the solution should help it and shoppers to use up to 9,000 kilos of plastic less annually. Delhaize said if the trial continues to be successfully received by shoppers it will roll it out to further stores in the medium term.

Source: Delhaize

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