Asia’s omnichannel future

Nick Miles
Head of Insight (Global)

We assess the development of omnichannel retail in Asia, how the food and consumer goods industry will evolve over the next five years and what businesses need to do to survive.

Included in this report:

  • What is omnichannel? Defining this principle and what it means
  • Sense check on how ready the industry is for omnichannel in Asia
  • Digitisation of retail in China
  • Regional channel forecasts for grocery retail in Asia out to 2023
  • Examples of the impact of omnichannel on physical retail
  • Case studies on Freshippo (Alibaba), 7Fresh (, Carrefour Le Marché, Walmart Huixuan, RT-Mart and habitat by honestbee
  • Future technologies to watch
  • What suppliers and retailers need to do to win
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