Woolworths launches new supplier portal

Date : 11 January 2017

Woolworths has introduced a new online portal called 'Supplier Connect' to provide its suppliers with better information on shopping habits.

Shopper data, supplier performance and engagement information

The new portal was introduced in October last year and provides enhanced shopper data from Woolworths' partner Quantium, allowing Woolworths and its suppliers to analyse data and deliver customer-centric solutions. The service also delivers a more structured approach to supplier engagement, with 'consistent collaboration' guidelines, plus information on supplier performance.

Building better supplier relationships a priority

Woolworths will hope that the new portal will provide a better source of shopper insight for its suppliers, so that enhanced solutions can be tailor to the demographics, habits and missions of those people who shop at their stores. As part of its strategy to improve its performance, Woolworths is looking to strengthen its relationship with suppliers, as well as put the customer at the centre of its business model. The new portal will deliver a new level of transparency to suppliers on both the people who buy their products, as well as their performance versus Woolworths' expectations.