@WalmartLabs boosts capabilities

Date : 15 May 2013

@WalmartLabs has made two further acquisitions, OneOps and Tasty Labs, to boost its capabilities in platform and cloud development and social integration.

Adding technology and talent through acquisition

These latest acquisitions represent a continuation of @WalmartLabs’ strategy to build its team by strategically adding technology and talent through key acquisitions. The acquisition of OneOps, which has developed a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capability, will enable @WalmartLabs to significantly accelerate its PaaS and Private Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) strategies. Tasty Labs is a software applications developer which has pioneered more effective ways to connect people via social software.

Positioning itself for the “Next Generation Customer”

The investment in building @WalmartLabs is designed to help Walmart more effectively analyse the intersection of social, mobile, and retail environments. Central to this is the application of its core technology, the ‘Social Genome’. The retailer believes there are significant opportunities to develop a leadership position in multi-channel retailing, particularly in the US and China. Walmart is aiming to combine its stores, systems and logistics expertise into one continuous and seamless channel to drive growth and serve what it has tagged as the “Next Generation Customer.”

Steady stream of outputs

The @WalmartLabs team has generated a number of new products and services for Walmart. These include Polaris, which provides its online platforms with advanced search capabilities, Endless Aisle, which enables shoppers to order unavailable products for next day store delivery, and Store Connect which uses geo-fencing technology to provide shoppers with a set of capabilities through its mobile app which are relevant to the store they are in. One of the most recent developments is the expansion of its self-scanning test, where shoppers use their smartphones to scan their shopping in-store, while the development of its Pangaea global technology platform is one of its current priorities.

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