Waitrose identifies key food trends and makes 2020 predictions

Date : 06 November 2019

In its new annual Food and Drink report, Waitrose highlights how shoppers today are spending more mindfully, choosing to de-clutter their kitchens and opting for simpler mealtime options. It then shares its predictions for the future.

2019 trends

  1. Keeping it simple: Nearly 50% of Brits are trying to create more time for hobbies and are now cooking their weekday meals in under 30 minutes. Shoppers are taking shortcuts such as opting for frozen chopped vegetables and herbs, batch cooking and using pouches of rice or grains. The main reason behind the shift being that hobbies and past times help with mental wellbeing
  2. Spending mindfully: Brits are claiming to buy less unnecessary 'stuff', with 49% buying fewer lunches out and 46% claiming to go the pub less often. Whilst shoppers are spending less, when they do choose to spend their money they are favouring 'controlled discovery', investing in making spend experiences more special, e.g. taking time to enjoy a piece of chocolate
  3. A passion for compassion: Over a sixth of Brits say they are cooking for others more often today than they were five years ago. According to Tor Harris, Waitrose & Partners head of corporate social responsibility, social media platforms are driving shoppers to carrying out good deeds. Occasions such as cooking at home for guests, helping out friends and making food to take into work are the most popular amongst Brits
  4. Cutting clutter: Only 20% of Brits disagree with trying to have a tidy and organised kitchen, with four out of five claiming they choose to have a tidy kitchen as it makes it easier to find things. Waitrose found that 9% of Brits now take their own containers to supermarkets to refill with fresh produce and deli items, calling out the success of its Unpacked trial.

 Predictions for the future:

In addition to researching the eating habits of British consumers, Waitrose highlights several trends and developments it expects to see in the future. By 2025 we can expect:

  • Fully autonomous buses and cars, leading to unmanned grocery shopping deliveries
  • DNA samples allowing dinner guests to receive a fully personalised dining experiences
  • More food produced globally, aided by technology such as hydroponics, where crops are grown in a nutrient-rich solution rather than soil

As we head towards 2030, the retailer predicts:

  • The global population will reach 8.5 billion, and almost all of these will be internet users
  • Diets will include more functional, high-performance ingredients and people will be turning to natural remedies to manage medical conditions
  • People will be making use of their local, natural ecosystems and uncovering new types of wild vegetation

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