Tesco to accelerate concession openings

Date : 18 November 2016

Tesco plans to step up its concession opening programme to bring Arcadia and Holland & Barrett concessions into many more of its larger stores.

Expanding the relationship with Arcadia

By the end of this year, Tesco will open eight more concessions with Arcadia, the fashion retail group owned by Sir Philip Green, to take its total to 26. Arcadia is the UK's leading multi-fascia fashion retailer and owns the Dorothy Perkins, Burton and TopShop brands. Tesco will also now accelerate concession openings to 35 per year from 2017 onwards. Tesco's experience from stores such as Newmarket is that the Arcadia offer complements its own F+F offer and drives footfall by enabling a comparison shop. The expansion will also benefit Arcadia which lost dozens of concessions as a result of the collapse of BHS earlier this year.

Further concession openings likely

Tesco is also set to take other recently introduced concessions to further locations to take surplus space in larger stores. These include health and wellness specialist Holland & Barrett and potentially Claire's Accessories, Pavers [Shoes] and Sock Shop.