Switzerland 60 second update

Date : 05 September 2019

We bring you the latest news from Switzerland, including new health initiatives and increased supply chain traceability.

Aldi to introduce Nutri-Score

Aldi will become the first retailer in the market to introduce the Nutri-Score label system, helping customers to understand which are healthier choices and make buying decisions easier. The retailer has been reducing the sugar, fat and calorie content of its private label products in order to make them healthier for customers and testing the scoring system allows them to demonstrate this in a clear and accessible way to shoppers.

The system will be rolled out in 2020, starting with its private label convenience items, such as sandwiches, salads and ready meals. After the initial trial, Aldi may look to roll it out to other categories, depending on the response from customers.

Spar launches new health focused range

Spar has launched a private label 'Naturals' range into its Switzerland stores, offering a wider range of products to customers looking for better health and natural options. The range includes items that are vegetarian, vegan, organic, wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and gluten-free. This caters to a wide selection of specialist diets, which is a growing market in Switzerland. The categories covered in the new range include healthy snacks, coffee, pulses and chocolate, which will be Fairtrade, Swiss-made organic chocolate. The packaging has been designed sustainably with category icons that are easy to identify. As shoppers increasingly look to make healthier choices, retailers can create a unique point of difference by offering solutions in this area.

Migros introduces blockchain food tracking initiative

To help optimize its supply chain processes, the retailer will introduce blockchain in partnership with TE-food, enabling it to track food sustainability and transparency. The insight generated by the new initiative should help lead to faster distribution and reduced food waste. The system will be introduced for its fresh fruits and vegetables and builds on the existing traceability processes that the retailer already has in place. Other benefits of the initiative include easier product recalls and more control over the supply chain.

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