Starbucks China opens its first cargo container store

Jiong-Jiong Yu
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 18 September 2020

The retailer has opened the flagship store, made of six overlapping shipping contains, in Shanghai on 9th September.

Continuing long history of sustainability and commitment to recycling

The store is located at Shanghai’s Wisdom Bay Science Innovation Park, which was formerly home to warehouses and container storage yards. The cargo containers have now been converted into office spaces, a museum of 3D printing and a pig petting farm.

Built from six creatively stacked containers, the store reflects the brand’s 30-year long history of sustainability and commitment to recycling. It is also the retailer’s 800th branch in the city. Shanghai now has more Starbucks stores than any other city in the world.

Source: Starbucks

Resembles an art gallery

Situated close to the 3D printing museum, the café has an aesthetic appeal that resembles the interiors of an art gallery.

The wide use of glass walls and ceilings makes the space look bright and spacious. The walls are adorned with 3D printed paintings. The first floor has separated food ordering and dining areas. The space on the second floor is composed of two terraces, an indoor dining area and a rooftop corridor. The store also has a small meeting room and a co-working space.