SPAR South Africa develops its digital strategy

Date : 08 November 2018

Spar South Africa has revealed plans to develop its digital strategy. The retailer hopes it will “streamline its IT operations and maintain its competitive edge in the local retail market”.

SPAR adopts Microsoft Office 365

The retailer has adopted Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud computing service Microsoft Azure. Greg Hay, group technology and operations executive at the SPAR Group, explained, “The cloud gives us the flexibility and scalability we need to expand operations at will... At a tactical level, we’re using the Microsoft Cloud to implement practical steps that drastically reduce IT overhead and make us a nimbler company”.

Set-up time reduced from hours to minutes

Following its adoption of Microsoft’s software, SPAR’s set-up time has been reduced from hours to minutes. It has also said that issues can also be resolved quicker with Microsoft professional direct support. This increased efficiency is in line with the retailer’s wider digital transformation plan.