SPAR International round up

Date : 20 May 2019

As SPAR members from Zimbabwe, Spain, Hungary and Slovenia announce developments, we round up news from those countries.

SPAR Zimbabwe launches online

SPAR Zimbabwe has launched its online store, which it claims is a first from a leading retailer in the country. In the short term, the home-delivery service will only be available for shoppers in Harare, while there is also an option to enable shoppers to collect orders from stores. The service, though, is likely to be expanded to other cities in the country in the ‘near future’. The company said that many purchases being made initially were from Zimbabweans living abroad who were buying groceries for family members in the country. SPAR Zimbabwe said since its launch the site had enjoyed 11,000 unique visits and over 560 customer registrations.

SPAR Spain to support healthy eating with new app

SPAR Spain, meanwhile, has launched a free app called SPAR, saber elegir (SPAR, know what to choose), which it says will help shoppers’ attempts to live a healthier lifestyle. The app enables shoppers to scan a product’s barcode to discover its nutritional information. The app also provides information about whether the ‘product contains any ingredients they might be allergic or sensitive to such as gluten, lactose, egg or peanuts’.

SPAR Hungary drives growth of 9.8% in 2018

SPAR Hungary said its revenue grew 9.8% to €1.94bn in 2018. The pace of growth was aided by the opening of six new stores and the updating of a further 17. The retailer said the expansion meant that by the end of 2018 it had 555 stores in the country: 348 supermarkets, 33 hypermarkets and 174 operated by independent retailers. SPAR Hungary pointed to the success of its private label ranges, which accounted for 25% of its turnover by the end of the year. In 2018 it said it continued to invest in its private label ranges, adding new convenient and healthy items, while also improving the range’s packaging.

SPAR Slovenia advances sales by 3.6%

SPAR Slovenia, separately, said that its turnover rose 3.6% to €804m. The pace of growth was aided by the opening of new stores and the updating of existing sites. Other notable developments saw SPAR Slovenia launch online in January 2018, which led to more than 20,000 orders being placed in the first year of operations, and the reformulation of private label products to reduce the sugar and salt content of its products. The reformulation plan is part of its aim ‘to reduce 80 tonnes of sugar and 25 tonnes of salt in SPAR Own Brands by 2020’.

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