SPAR Express expanding in Austria

Date : 28 August 2019

In partnership with petrol forecourt operator, Doppler Mineralöl, SPAR Austria will convert 15 Nah & Frischpunkt forecourt stores to its SPAR Express format.

Growth of convenience

The expansion of this format builds on the success SPAR Austria has seen with its convenience concept, with sales growth of more than 10% in the first half of 2019. The retailer currently operates 50 SPAR Express forecourt stores, with two new stores in Amstetten and Wels already planned for 2019, as well as the 15 conversions that will occur through the partnership. By understanding the needs of their customers and responding to the latest trends towards increased convenience, SPAR Express has been able to establish a successful format which resonates well with the Austrian shopper. Open seven days a week and with extended hours, the Express stores offer a wide range of up to 2,500 products, giving customers the convenience and flexibility they need.

Modernised store offer

SPAR recently introduced a modernised design for the Express format, using lots of wood and introducing a fresh market square. Increasing the range of fresh products in areas such as bakery and produce has created a tailored convenience concept and by keeping the prices in line with its supermarkets, SPAR provides a unique convenience offer. Clearer in-store signage and an improved floor plan help customers to navigate more easily, saving time and making the shopping experience less stressful. The new design has been introduced in four stores so far, with more planned over the coming months.

Long-term partnership

The partnership between SPAR and Doppler Mineralöl was initially agreed upon until 2020 but has now been extended to 2030. This means SPAR will be the exclusive forecourt store partner at all service stations operated by Doppler. These include Turmöl and BP service stations across Austria.

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