Spain: recent developments

Date : 12 December 2019

Bon Preu has invested €10m in its online channel, expanding its home delivery to more regions. Mercadona is leading the Spanish market in ‘ready to eat’ meals. Separately, AliExpress has partnered with Nomo to offer Spanish freelancers and Nomo users access to business tools and financial services. Meanwhile, Alcampo CEO retires and is replaced by Américo Ribeiro, CEO of Auchan Italia.

Bon Preu invests €10m in its ecommerce operations

Bon Preu has invested €10m in its online channel, which continues to expand its distribution area. The group is improving its home delivery service to meet more shopper demands. The investment will contribute to growing in more regions and investing in vehicles (which includes controlled temperature settings) required to achieve this expansion.

Bon Preu’s home delivery is available Monday to Saturday 7.00am-10.00pm. As part of the service shoppers can check products purchased at the time of delivery and payment will be taken once delivery is completed. The group has claimed it will continue to launch new collection points, scheduled to open in Barcelona.

Mercadona excels in the 'ready to eat' category

Mercadona has transformed its food-to-go services to meet shopper demands. The retailer leads in the Spanish market, according to research, which claims Mercadona accounts for 67% of the volume. Mercadona opened a new store in July 2019 which offers a range of 35 ‘ready to eat’ meals of which some can be customised. All meals are available in recyclable or compostable containers.

AliExpress joins forces with Nomo

Alibaba-owned AliExpress has partnered with Nomo. Nomo offers freelancers an ecommerce platform for business management tools and financial services. The services include solutions for; accounting, management, insurance, amongst others.

The partnership offers Nomo users tools to internationalise and digitalise their businesses through AliExpress. Xavi Capellades, CEO of Nomo claims the partnership is ‘a great opportunity for Spanish freelancers and Nomo users to be part of a global ecommerce platform to boost sales at national and international levels.’

Americo Ribeiro appointed Alcampo CEO

Patrick Coignard, CEO of Auchan Retail Spain, is retiring and will be replaced by Americo Ribeiro, CEO of Auchan Italia. Coignard began working at Auchan Spain in 1997 and becoming president in 2007. The development of Auchan Holding saw Coignard gain responsibility of executive president of Spain and non-executive president of Portugal. Amerio Riberio will become CEO of Alcampo, after Auchan exited the Italian market in May 2019.


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