Spain: recent developments

Date : 05 November 2019

AliExpress begins its campaign for the 11.11 world shopping festival. Furthermore, SuperSol launches a new business model and DIA removes its online non-food store. Family Cash has purchased eight Eroski hypermarkets. Separately, Eroski starts a food transition towards health and sustainability trends.

AliExpress prepares for 11.11

Alibaba-owned AliExpress has started its campaign for the 11.11 world shopping festival. The group has continued to boost its commitment to the Spanish market. On 11 November, the retailer will set up a live stream of the festival and shoppers who spend €20 or more (on the day and in a certain timeframe) are entered in a raffle, to win prizes. The 11.11 World Shopping Festival has been growing globally since 2009. In 2018, it had 180,000 international brands present, offering products in 3,700 categories.

SuperSol launches new business model

SuperSol has recently invested €600,000 to implement a new business model.  The retailer has launched its new business model, which combines elements of both a supermarket and a cash and carry, this concept is called CashSol. CashSol has a motto of ‘buy more, pay less’.

The first store opening was 31 October 2019, located in the city of Ceuta. The assortment offered in the new model includes large layouts and fresh products of bakery, butcher and green grocers. The opening hours Monday to Saturday are 9am-10pm.

DIA exits non-food ecommerce

DIA has announced the closure of its online non-food store. The DIA online channel was created in 2015, designed to sell home and electrical products. The group has decided to exit the channel, as the business generated a big loss in 2018 and has negative forecasts, which are not sustainable for the company.

Family Cash acquires eight Eroski hypermarkets

Eroski has announced it sold eight hypermarkets to Family Cash. Eroski stated the sale took place, to support its aim to increase its presence in the regions, especially growing through its franchise system. The transfer is planned to be completed by the end of 2021, until the transfer is finalised, all stores will continue to operate under the Eroski brand.

Eroski’s food transition

Eroski has announced it is currently composing a food transition, which creates a business opportunity and an ethical need. Agustin Markaide, Eroski’s President stated, the food transition highlights the focus on improving health, sustainability and values of consumers, which goes beyond the ambition of earning money. 

Markaide has highlighted Eroski’s strategy for the food transition, it will concentrate enhancing health and sustainability and then encourage manufacturers to become conscience of improving health and sustainability in their products.


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