Spain: partnerships and digitalisation

Date : 14 December 2018

We look at how retailers in Spain are extending their international partnerships and investing in digital to expand their reach.

Alibaba’s AliExpress renews partnership with Correos

Alibaba’s ecommerce platform AliExpress has extended its partnership with local postal service company Correos. The partnership, which began in 2015, aims to help small to medium-sized Spanish companies increase their sales globally and to improve the efficiency of their logistics.

Delivery times is one issue that led AliExpress to improve its cross-border logistics alongside Correos. This will help speed up the delivery process for products arriving from outside Spain.

AliExpress is also helping Spanish companies improve their own ecommerce capabilities, by helping them to better understand customers and improve brand loyalty. AliExpress’s general manager, Wang Mingqiang, said: “We see that Spanish companies are very strong in categories such as fashion, design and consumer electronics [and] we hope to help Spanish SMEs to export to the rest of the EU and to the world”.

Plusfresc trials new digital payment solution

Plusfresc is trialling a new digital payment solution that combines its app and NFC technology. Shoppers can use the service to pay for goods in-store, without the need to fill their bags or car.

Shoppers must hold their mobiles near to the product label and enter their preferred quantity. Once finished, shoppers view their virtual bag in the app and choose whether to have their purchases delivered or taken away with them as normal.

If they choose delivery, they will make payment and choose a delivery time. If shoppers choose the second option, they must collect the products as they shop and then pay.

The service is being trialled with 100 customers in its flagship store on Barcelona’s Via Augusta. Plusfresc said it will see if improvements are needed and if successful, will look to expand the service later.

Plusfresc’s director of innovation and projects, Carles Hurtado, commented, “For us it is a very important advance: a new way for shoppers to pay to improve the customer experience. This new system is ideal for customers who still do not want to buy online, either because they want to see the product or because they like the experience but want to lose as little time as possible”.

El Corte Inglés extends deal with Soriana

El Corte Inglés will extend its agreement with Mexico-based Soriana, which will see its private label brands stocked in Soriana’s stores in Mexico. Soriana stocks 120 SKUs from El Corte Inglés, including olives, cookies, juices, infusions, amongst others. The extension of the partnership is expected to lead Soriana to stock more private label products from El Corte Inglés.

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