Singapore: RedMart celebrates 8th anniversary

Date : 07 October 2019

Lazada’s online grocery supermarket, RedMart, is celebrating its 8th birthday.

Bank vouchers giveaway

The retailer tied up with five banks to give away vouchers from SGD8 (US$6) to SGD30 (US$22). These vouchers can be redeemed for purchases on RedMart when used in conjunction with the cards issued by the respective banks. All bank vouchers were given out in the weekend.

New features

In response to shoppers’ feedback, RedMart had upgraded its app with new features:

  • Shoppers can include additional items even after checkout until the order is being prepared for delivery
  • Search results can be sorted by savings to help them find the best deals

To celebrate its 8th anniversary, the retailer has partnered with various suppliers to provide discounts of up to 50%.


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