Singapore: FairPrice freezes private label prices

Date : 20 March 2019

FairPrice will hold prices of 100 private label products stable until June 2020 to reduce the burden of essential groceries on shoppers.

Ensuring affordability of basic products

The initiative aims to provide an industry benchmark to keep prices stable, regardless of changes in supply. The 100 products span a wide range of categories like rice, oil, milk, poultry, batteries, snacks, toiletries and household cleansers. Besides holding prices for these basic items for 15 months, the prices for 50 products will also drop by as much as 30% with immediate effect. All of the selected private label products will be at least 20% lower than comparable leading brands.

Extra discount for Merdeka Generation

Singaporeans with a Merdeka Generation card will enjoy a 3% discount on all purchases on Wednesdays. These are senior citizens who have made a significant contribution to the country’s security and independence born between 1950-1959. Those born before 1950 may also qualify if they are not part of the Pioneer Generation scheme.


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