Scottish government boosts food-to-go grant for 2019

Date : 02 May 2019

The Scottish government has renewed its retailer food-to-go grant programme available to convenience stores in Scotland.

Retailer food-to-go grant

The food-to-go grant is available to independent convenience store retailers in Scotland, and is administered by Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF). This year the total funding available has been increased to £300,000, an increase of £50,000 since 2018. The maximum individual grant successful applicant can receive is now £7,500.

The programme is aimed at independent convenience stores in Scotland to support innovation and responding to changing customer demands through developing an enhanced food-to-go offering.

Award criteria

In order to be successful, applicants must first meet certain criteria. Successful retailers must show commitment to local sourcing and offering a range of healthy options. As well as this, applicants must have an action plan for reducing food and packaging waste.

Fergus Ewing, cabinet secretary for rural affairs, commented:

“The first phase of the Food to Go fund was very effective in supporting small retailers throughout Scotland to entice customers into their stores and generate a new income stream for grocers. This new funding will further help grocers to provide people with access to quality, locally sourced and healthy food in addition to providing an important focus this year on reducing waste, and I would encourage eligible retailers to apply”.


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