Sainsbury's in new sports sponsorship

Date : 15 April 2013
Sainsbury's has announced that it is to be the title sponsor of the Sainsbury's Summer Series. The three world athletics events will culminate in the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games to celebrate the first anniversary of the start of the London 2012 Olympics.

Rekindling the spirit of 2012

The partnership will seeSainsbury's sponsor two IAAF Diamond League events, the final of the IPC Grand Prix Series in Birmingham (29-30 June), the British Championships (also in Birmingham, 12-14 July) as well as the three day Anniversary Games at the Olympic stadium in Stratford (26-28 July). The sponsorship is linked to a pre-announced package of support for British Athletics' Paralympics programme that has already seen Sainsbury's donate £2m to schools, clubs and organisations to help fund the next generation of Paralympic athletes.

Building on Paralympics success

The move strengthens Sainsbury's ties with elite sport and follows last year's Paralympics when Sainsbury's was the first ever sole sponsor of the event. The unprecedented popularity of last summer's Paralympics made this a highly fruitful partnership for Sainsbury's with the retailer gaining exposure through advertising of the event itself, sponsorship of television coverage and via the Paralympics torch relay which was routed via many Sainsbury's stores. Sainsbury's has since invested £1m in "Active Kids for All," an extension to its long running Active Kids programme to fund teaching training courses to allow disabled children to be included more fully in school PE lessons.

Opportunities for suppliers

The Summer Series should raise Sainsbury's profile with shoppers through the summer, and help underpin trading and compensate for the lack of other calendar events to drive trading this year.  For suppliers the Summer Series presents opportunities to develop promotions that connect with the events and support popular sports and athletes.

Creating a lasting legacy

Commenting on the move, Sainsbury's CEO Justin King said: "We said at the time that we saw our involvement as much more than a one-off sponsorship – we wanted to be part of the movement, and to play our part in ensuring a lasting legacy building on the momentum created last summer.. Now with this partnership and our sponsorship of the Summer Series we’re proud to be part of Britain’s renewed love of athletes and sport for all, supporting our current crop of world class athletes as well as inspiring the sporting stars of tomorrow."