Rewe to focus on online business

Date : 16 April 2013

As part of an interview in Wirtschaftswoche, Rewe Group’s chief executive, Alain Caparros, has said that the retailer is looking to invest in online businesses.

Retailer to invest in start-ups

Caparros said that the retailer had been slow to invest in online operations and that ‘as a stationary-orientated retailer, perhaps we lack the DNA for an e-commerce business’. In order to change this Caparros said that Rewe would try to become ‘a kind of incubator for start-ups’ with the aim of generating a ‘web culture’ at the retailer.

Rewe to expand delivery service in Germany

The need to grow the retailer’s online business has become more pertinent as Caparros noted that ‘in the metropolitan areas, we now feel an increasing willingness of people to order food via the internet’. To this end, Rewe will begin offering it in Munich, extending it from its availability in Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Frankfurt presently.

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