Rewe: 60 second update

Date : 19 May 2020

Keshia Beadle

Senior Retail Analyst

We bring you the latest news from Rewe Group in Germany.

Recycled paper packaging

Rewe is trialing the use of recycled paper packaging for its basil herb pots. It is working alongside ECF Farmsystems and is currently testing the new packaging in 280 stores across Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The old version uses a pot and plastic sleeve, however the new packaging is shaped like a bag and turns into a set of pots when it is cut along dotted lines that are marked on it. The new initiative will help Rewe to reduce around 7.2 tonnes of plastic from its operations per year. Rewe has partnered with ECF Farmsystems since 2017, when the two organisations collaborated to use aquaponics to develop environmentally friendly processes for producing perch and basil. This eliminated the use of plastic irrigation bowls in transport packaging and cut six tonnes of plastic waste annually.

Increased safety measures

Meanwhile, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Rewe has implemented increased measures to ensure the safety of its customers and employees. To control the number of people in-store, all shoppers are required to take a cart and when no carts are left, customers must wait until one becomes available to enter. The cleaning of the carts is mostly done manually, however a few stores are testing a mini disinfection cube which can perform the task in a few seconds. Masks are also compulsory and reminders about hygiene practices and social distancing play over the internal radio. Rewe estimates that it is spending over 100m on the measures put in place due to COVID-19.


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