PLUS Netherlands: e-commerce, nutritional advice

Date : 14 October 2015

As PLUS looks to differentiate itself in the Netherlands we review how its recent collectables promotional campaign has aided sales, look at how it is investing in e-commerce and collaborating to educate children about the importance of a good diet.

PLUS to invest in e-commerce…

PLUS’s chief executive, Jan Brouwer, has said that despite the channel not being profitable, the retailer would continue to invest in its online operations to meet shopper demand for a multichannel offer. Brouwer said that he saw opportunities in selling to businesses as a way to grow scale, drive sales and aid efficiency of the supply chain. He also noted that it was up to PLUS’s franchisees to opt in or out of the e-commerce service, thus making it easier to manage from a corporate point of view.

…As some of its store owners work with Ubermart

Two PLUS store owners, meanwhile, have begun to collaborate with Ubermart, which is an Instacart-like service in the Rotterdam area. However, instead of the orders being collected by an Ubermart personal shoppers, the picking and delivery will be done by PLUS’s own employees. As with Ubermart’s offer, the PLUS stores will enable shoppers to receive their orders within two hours if they want to.

PLUS to collaborate to educate children about healthy food

PLUS has announced that it is set to work with TV football presenter Wilfred Genee and his wife Lili, who have written two books aimed at encouraging children to lead healthier lives. The Genee’s second book sees football players from around Europe asked about how they lead a healthy lifestyle and the recipes that they like. PLUS has said that this outlook echoes its own aims to support children lead a healthy lifestyle, with Genee saying that ‘What Plus wants to achieve and what we want to connect well with each other’.

In-store this is set to see PLUS run promotions to encourage children to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and to spotlight the healthier choices that are available. In future PLUS has said that it will use recipes from Genee’s first book to show how parents can cook healthy meals for their children.

PLUS’s CEO: collectables campaign ‘has been a success’

In an interview in local trade publication Distrifood, Jan Brouwer, has said that its recent collectables promotional campaign – which enables children to build a PLUS supermarket out of ‘PLUSBRiCKS’ – has been a success. Brouwer said that the promotion has provided strong support to the retailer’s already positive sales growth, which in 2014 saw it grow ‘three times faster than the market’. Popular in the Netherlands the collectables mechanic has been used by the likes of SPAR and Albert Heijn to grow basket size and drive loyalty with parents, with PLUS appearing to benefit from its recent campaign.

Source: PLUS Netherlands